David Lang • Julia Wolfe • Michael Gordon

Road Trip (2017) 60'

music by Michael Gordon, David Lang, and Julia Wolfe

cl, pno, perc, egtr, vc, db

Road Trip was commissioned by BAM for the 2017 Next Wave Festival and by Stephen A. Block, Robert Braun & Joan Friedman, Leslie Lassiter, Raulee Marcus, New Music USA, Maria & Robert A. Skirnick, Jane and Richard Stewart, with additional support from Jerry Eberhardt and Phil Hettema.

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Michael Gordon

Van Gogh (1991) 63'

Text by Michael Gordon (based on the letters of Vincent Van Gogh)

Cast: S,T,B,cl(bcl),perc,egtr,pn,vn,va,vc,db

New York State Council on the Arts

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The New York Times

February 1, 2011

By Allan Kozinn

Like most composers, Julia Wolfe is often in two places at once psychically: working on new pieces (with working defined as anything from cogitating and experimenting to actually putting the notes on paper) but also seeing that the backlist is getting attention. In recent weeks she has been putting the finishing touches on “Iron Maiden,” a new solo work for the percussionist Evelyn Glennie, and working on “Combat de Boxe,” for the Asko Ensemble of the Netherlands…

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Julia Wolfe

Lad (2007) 17'

nine bagpipes

the River to River Festival

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